Kalari Massage

Kalari Massage Therapy is originated in northern Kerala as a scientific system to strengthen a warrior physically and mentally in order to face any kind of difficulties. This massage with herbal oils is applied according to a personís body structure and vital points in order to enhance mind-strength, joy, physical capability, health and flexibility of muscles by stimulating nerves and vital points with herbal oils.

This ancient system of Kalari Massage passed on through generations is still perfectly used in Dr. Shajiís EPV CVN Kalari.

Kalari massage is practiced by the integration of nerve centers with six fundamental points on the body, five primary elements of the earth, thridoshas, anatomy and physiology of a human body. Dr. Shaji Vasudevan Gurukkal very effectively developed this age old science to use it as a remedy for life-style diseases.

This massage before any kind of Ayurveda or Kalari treatment enables the body to develop its self-healing mechanism. By doing this massage therapy a person can eliminate many kinds of body pains and physical disorders. But things used in disease oriented Kalari massage, such as hot packs, herbal steam, internal medicines are different. Dr. Shaji Vasudevan Gurukkalís Kalari Massage combined with Panchakarma, toxin eliminating herbal water, organic vegetarian food, meditation and easy Yoga can remove the disease with Ayurvedic medicines.

Because of the prohibition of Ayurvedic medicines in Europe, many a therapists from there come for Dr. Shaji Gurukkalís Kalari Massage therapy to use it for the cure of body pains and diseases without taking any medicines. Kalari Massage combined with Yoga is a very effective treatment for relaxation therapy also.

Kalari massage has three parts.

1. Kacha Thirummu for flexibility and and strength
2. Rakshathirummu for disease oriented massage
3. Sughathirummu for relaxation of mind and body

In the therapeutic line sughathirummu and Rakshathirummu can be done .That,s why in most of all treatments in kalari is included with massage.This kalari massage with yoga and meditation is very effective system of treatment for life style diseases and stress related diseases .

In the treatment method of Dr.Shajivasudevan. these massages simple panchakarma and yoga is mixed together in a scientific way.The internal medicines and external medicines are home made in traditional way.So the quantity is very less and it promises maximum purity and quality.

Among all here in E.P.V.Treatment center main therapists are traditional physicians and Doctors .Because they are next generation of Sri.E.P.Vasudevan gurukkal .So that we offers maximum care to each patients .

We never treat you as a patient rather than it will be as our family member .You can feel the family atmosphere of Guru closely in this house.

It is not a hospital room .Feel it as your home.This is not tourist center, but exclusive a traditional treatment home of a popular Kalari Master .

Marma Treatment

Marmas are the spots in the body sensitive to pressure and can hurt if hit harder. These pressure points are linked to nerves, bones or joints. It is believed that there are 107 such spots in human body.

Marmas are divided into 5
1. Ones that cause severe pain
2. Ones, the injury of which leads to sudden death
3. Ones, the injury of which leads to a slow death
4. Ones, the damage of which can effect a handicap
5. External objects that thrust in( like arrows, stones) when pulled out can lead to death

Marmas come handy in fights and are also extensively employed in treatments of Kalari. Application of proper pressure in these vital spots can cure the ailments of related organs and a strong blow to these pressure points can leave the organs paralyzed. That means Marma is like fire in its capacity to save and destroy. There are particular symptoms associated with the damage or injury of each Marma. For example, symptoms like shivering, vomiting and dizziness. All marmas have a direct bearing on physiology. An injury or damage to any of these marmas can lead to illness connected to artery, joints, ligament etc.


Sthapani:- This Marma is situated just below, middle of the forehead. There is an opening to brain called Frontal Sinus behind this spot. The bone where Bindi is worn covers the part of brain where Parasypathetic nerve originates. This area controls the palpitation that arises from sudden anger and fear. A blow to this area results in physical and mental impairments. A precise strike to this spot can lead to bleeding in brain and eventually to death. This spot is not easily accessible. Sthapani Marma is seated in a depression between fore head and nose shielding it from damages and injuries.


Forehead comes in contact with the ground in some Yoga technique exactly to increase the blood flow. Applying Dhara in Ayurveda and sandal paste helps to refresh this pressure point.

Dr. E P Shaji - BAMS

Dr. E P Shaji is the Chief physician at EPV Kalari. He graduated in ayurvedic medicine (B.A.M.S) from Madras University. He is a doctor cum therapist and son of a guru E .P. Vasudevagurukal who had 60 years