Dr. shaji vasudeva gurukal

Dr. shaji vasudeva gurukal son of E.P vasudeva gurkal is the 4th generation of this blood line. Witnessing his father, He followed this family tradition.

Dr. E P Shaji Vasudeva Gurukal is the Chief physician at EPV Ayurveda Kalari. He took his BAMS from Madras University. He is a doctor cum therapist and son of a guru E .P. Vasudevagurukal who had 60 years experience in ayurvedic and Marma chikitsa.

A trained Kalari artist, Dr. E.P. Shaji Vasudeva Gurukal, BAMS was a state wrestling champion at the very young age of 13. At the age of 16, he completed Verumkai mura (bare hand technique) in Kalaripayattu and then learned Karate for two years.

A creative art lover, Dr. Shaij Vasudeva Gurukal extended his Kalaripayattu portfolio to combine with dance form by joining the troupe of a famous dancer and choreographer Smt. Chandralekha at the age of 18 and at the age of 19 presented a group program titled Namaskar, a fusion of Kalari and Bharatanatyam, with Smt. Chandralekha at the inaugural function of Indian Festival organized in Russia.

His passion for Kalaripayattu has led him to present Kalaripayattu performances to global audience in London, Italy and Germany.

At professional level, he has presented a paper on Ayurveda-Yoga-Kalari along with his father at the 25th anniversary function of Italian Yoga Federation.

During the year 1991-92, he joined the group of choreographer Jayachandran Palazhi to seriously promote Kalari through dance forms.

He has conducted many workshops in Kalari and massaging in various countries to further create awareness of this beneficial martial and treatment art form.

After completing his graduation in BAMS, he had been practicing Ayurvedic treatment and massage therapy with E .P. Vasudevagurukal, his father and Guru, since1991.

He also teaches the basic course of massaging exclusively for doctors and massage therapists and the basic course of Marma- massaging treatment in Austria and conducts seminar once in a year.

He is also a dedicated Kalripayattu trainer, who has numerous students including a few foreign nationals of Germany and France.

He is married to Nisha, daughter of Valappil Karunan Gurukkal, a renowned Kalari Gurukkal (Katathanadan Kalari, Vattoli, Vadakara).


3 days Knowing Kalari Massage

Massage by hand & Harbal Steam.
Duration 1 Hours per day

5 days Relaxation Kalari Massage

Massage by hand, Hot herbal pack massage & Harbal Steam.
Duration 1 Hours per day

7 days Rejuvenation Kalari Massage

Massage by hand, Hot herbal pack massage, Dhara, Detoxification with herbal water & Harbal Steam.
Duration 1 Hours per day

14 days Kalari Massage

Massage by hand & Foot, Hot herbal pack massage, Dhara, Detoxification with herbal water, Yoga, Kalari Practice & Harbal Steam.
Duration 1 Hours per day

21 days Ayurveda Massage

Massage ,Panchakarma, Dhara, & Steam
Duration 1 Hours per day

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Hereditary, Experience and Sincerity Is the Basic Characteristics of Traditional Art and Treatment.