E P Vasudeva Gurukkal

E P Vasudevagurukkal was born in 1932 in a village called Malaparambu near Calicut district to father Kunnamkulam Cheruvathani Ezhuthupurakal Pangodu Thandar and mother Kunjuamma.

He attended school till elementary classes. He learnt his basic lessons in Kalari from his grandfather Aiyappa Thandar. Later he took proper Kalari training from Chandappan Gurukkal. He also mastered the nuances of northern Kalari under the tutelage of Pathriyil Gopalan Gurukkal, who is the guru of Chappan Gurukkal.

Apart from medicine and Sanskrit, he also learnt magic from Vazhakunnam Thirumeni. His extended his portfolio by learning circus acrobats from Thalasheri Achuthan Gurukkal, Judo from Thalashery Baskaren. His friendship with Swamy Buoyoananda led him to learn Yoga. He also learnt Hatta Yoga from Swamiji Puthooran, Mudra Gnanam from Kadathanattu Thirumeni, Kalari Mantras and Philosophy Krishnananda Saraswathy, first disciple of Kottakal Kanaran Gurukkal.

In 1959, he set up his own Kalari training center at Kaduthuruthy to spread Kalari techniques to everyone. Over 10,000 pupils both nationals and foreigners have been trained under his tutelage.

In 1981, his fame went global through the programme ‘Way of the warrior’ broadcasted by BBC, a collection of different experiences of selected 9 internationally known martial artists, and also in the documentary of the same they produced. His fame grew further through a documentary under the supervision of the famous Everest mountaineer, Edmund Hilary, titled “India through the eyes of Hilary” mentioned Kaduthuruthy school and Vasudeva Gurukkal .

Vasudeva Gurukkal and Kalari center has been telecasted in different channels including 7th channel Australia and Doordarshan. More than 300 sessions of Kalari were telecast in the morning show of Asianet T.V Channel.

He was the vice president of World Association of Martial Arts. He was bestowed with Thapasiya Award. He was also named as the ‘Maha Acharyan’ by the Kalari Sangam.

The has authored a book on Kalari titled “Kalaripayatte: the own martial art of Kerala”.

He has widely travelled across India and many places in the world.


Dr. Shaji Vasudeva Gurukals (son of E.P Vasudeva gurkal), A traditional healer who has specialised himself in Marma massage treatment and also certified as Ayurveda Doctor at Madras University in B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery)

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